The Lost Art of the Science of Instructional Analysis

If Video Killed the Radio Star

Analysis Paralysis Killed Instructional Analysis

Endless types of analysis. No way to predict for the client when it will be done or what you’ll be able to share with them when the dust settles.

So they – the clients – fixed that.

They forbade analysis. Done.

Now Too Many In L&D Take Orders

And don’t talk back – or ask any silly questions.

We – our brothers and sisters in the ISD trenches – those who came before us – did this to us – collectively.

We couldn’t do it quickly enough – with enough obvious value add – for any smart client to allow anything like that to ever happen again.

My Big Lesson

One client told me in 1981 – “we hate it Guy when you guys come back to us 90 days later telling us what we told you on day 1.”

I get that – and I got that.

But I had been schooled in a specific set of analyses – that could be done quickly – and without a lot of controversy.

I’d simply facilitate the client’s handpicked experts. Not SMEs – Subject Matter experts.

But experts in Performance – performance exemplars – Master Performers.

Facilitate them to fill in templates. Get their agreement/consensus. At least on numbers 2 and 3 below – in the graphic.

For numbers 1 and 4 in the graphic – we’d do that for them. Unless the client wanted a hand in them doing that as well.

It’s all spelled out in my 2011 book…

For more about this book – please go – here.

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