Going Goalless – Good Idea? Or, Just an Idea?

What Gives?

The late W. Edwards Deming didn’t like Goals.

But setting clear expectations is known to be one of the most powerful ways to improve performance.

Hmm. Double Hmm.

Deming’s 11th Point – of 14

From Wikipedia:

a. Eliminate work standards (quotas) on the factory floor. Substitute with leadership.
b. Eliminate management by objective. Eliminate management by numbers and numerical goals. Instead substitute with leadership.

As one response online put it:

The problem as I see it is arbitrary targets, goals and measures without plans and processes to deliver.    It isn’t the aim that is the problem it is the execution.

I agree. Because management so often get this wrong – some would throw the baby out with the bathwater.

How about “improve the execution of Goal Setting and Feedback/Consequences” – first?

Words of Wisdom from Rummler

As the late  Geary Rummler put it:

Put a good performer in a bad system – and the system wins every time. 

Knowing that – that “It’s the System Silly” – or “It’s the System Stupid” if you prefer – it”s time to quit being silly and/or stupid about the performance of a system.  Focus on the wrong thing won’t fix it…won’t improve performance. And isn’t that the

Is it Never the Fault of People?

No. Sometimes it is.

But then, whose fault is it if it’s the fault of the people?

Is it that the individual or a team screwed up – and that THAT is entirely “on them?”

Or does THAT still reflect on deficiencies of THE SYSTEM?

The Video 

Reflect on Your Processes

Do “The Processes” you have in place require Goal Setting, Goal Explanation, Goal Resourcing, Goal Monitoring and Goal Troubleshooting?

If not – why not?

In this season of March Madness (it’s an American thing) – can you imagine the success of some college basketball team who didn’t have goals – targets – for percentage of foul shots or of shots from the perimeter? Or of minutes of rest for the starting line up?

When they gathered all of the numbers – the stats – what would they mean without a target or a goal to compare them to?

They be meaningless numbers.

Imagine a team without Goals – and without a Plan to achieve those goals.

Having no Plan – as they say – is a Plan.

Just not a very good one.

Having a Plan without Goals is an interesting concept too.

Just not a very good one.

# # #

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