EPPIC PI Tool Series: New Product Development (NPD) Models

NPD – It’s Like ADDIE – Only Different

But not much. Here below – and the end of this post – are five of many examples for New Product Development that I borrowed from online sources. Check your own Enterprise for an equivalent model/process – check with marketing, merchandising or engineering.

ADDIE is of course – something used by both ISD and non-ISD professionals.

Here is my own version of it – for MCD – Modular Curriculum Development process/methods.

And here is the version I use for my EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement process/methods.

The similarity between MCD and EPPI Stage II – is deliberate.

Other NPD Models 

From – Emerald Research You Can Use

Formalizing the front-end of the entrepreneurial process using the stage-gate model as a guide: An opportunity to improve entrepreneurship education and practice

From – Posts Tagged ‘New Product Development Game – A Historical View to Organizing Software Development [updated version]

And here from – Strategic new product development

And from – Secure Wireless Implementation Methodology

And from – Integrated Product Development Lifecycle Process 

ADDIE Isn’t Unique

And not an unreasonable approach to new product development for Instruction – especially performance-based instruction where you aren’t making something up – when you can based your terminal performance objectives based on current, top performers/ exemplar performers/ Master Performers  and “how they do it.”

Too many times I think the push back – that ISD is or needs to be linear – is way off base. What client wants that? Why can’t you get it right, close enough, to move from one step/stage/block to the next?

My PACT Processes are all – all 3 ISD methods/processes – are lean – by design.

And ADDIE Sans Analysis and Design

Which is too often The Case…

# # #

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