Lessons in Making Lemonade

One would think that folks in the Quality Profession wouldn’t be subject to Personality Testing Voo Doo.

But some are. A very active LinkedIn Discussion about “What Type Are You?” has got me Grrr’ing myself lately.

I cannot trust any of them anymore.

Borrowing a phrase from my article last November on Learning Styles – here

But Why Oh Why Won’t This Myth Die?

…”if it makes sense to us—for whatever reason that occurs, it just makes sense. And we are prone to disregard all evidence to the contrary. And sometimes we are encouraged to do so by “thought leaders.””

I dislike it when our thought leaders – and others – lead us astray.

Especially when they are supposed to be “all about the data!”

Caveat Emptor, Baby! 

# # #

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