If You Can’t Go To ISPI – Have ISPI Come To You – Via These Videos!

The 50th Anniversary ISPI Conference starts in one week in Toronto. Some of you are coming and others are not.

Bring ISPI to you and to your computing device – well, not every device – with these 55 (or so) Video Podcasts…

All of these Videos are posted at Blip.TV – here.

But note that there are over 170 videos of mine in total at Blip.TV.

So – they are also posted on this site – find the index and links to them – here.

Here Are Several ISPI Sessions From the Past That You Might Enjoy


Guy – Project Planning & Management for ISD and HPT Efforts

Clare Carey, Jeanne Farrington and Mary Thomas – ISPI Myth Busters

Guy and Art Willoughby –


Joe Harless – The Wizard of Newnan
(Note: Poor audio)

Bob Mager – The Perfect Banquet Speech 1999

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