ISPI 2012 – 50th Anniversary Review

This was my 31st of the past 33 Conferences. I missed Toronto the last time NSPI was there – back in the late 1980s. The other missed Conference was in 1981. After the Chapter Leaders Workshop and helping the AV guys find a short video clip excerpt from the middle of a 48 minute speech of NSPI’s founder back at the 25th Anniversary Conference – I got caught up in the hoopla of the Opening Session with the other Past Presidents walking the Red Carpet – and had a great Past President’s Luncheon (my favorite event of the entire conference – due to some quiet time with that gang).

I then helped out with the Speed Mentoring Session with Clare Carey – the founder of this soon-to-be signature event – after another successive 4th.

Then came the Opening Session – where we all watched Gabe Ofiesh – NSPI’s founder – from back in 1987…

I did a bunch of my HPT Practitioner and Legacy Videos – they are coming soon. And I video recorded Joe Harless, Paul Elliott, Al Folsom and Carl Binder at a tribute session to Joe. Then I went to dinner with them – and a bunch of others from Joe’s world. I snapped a bunch of pictures with others and Joe – and then after that was done – realized that I wanted a photo with the two of us – but why I am not smiling is a mystery (probably tired)…

Jumping to the “Research to Practice” Afternoon

Our speakers…

Cedar Riener and Harold Stolovitch …

Harold, Ryan Watkins, Dick Clark and Hillary Leigh …

And Hillary Leigh – with someone I cannot recognize – and Mark Bollen (in the middle) and Annette Towler …

Harold Stolovitch

Harold kicked the session off with a brief warm up. I understand that this will all be on a DVD that will be for sale at some point.

Mark Bullen

… dispelled the myth about the Digital Natives – with research data.

Dick Clark

… presented 5 myths that he himself had to let go of once confronted with the data…

Annette Towler

… spoke about Seductive Elements and how – if relevant – are appropriate – but otherwise not.

Ryan Watkins

… presented on some of the research he has been following this past year related to Learning.

Cedar Reiner

… attempted to dispell the (Designing for accommodating) Learning Styles myth (one of my passions) – although for some – as evidenced by their follow up questions – were resisting the data.

Hillary Leigh

… presented the data on why we hold our beliefs and tend to discard data that contradicts our beliefs – and how to overcome that resistance – based on the data on that!

It’ was great!

It’s All About EBP – Evidence Based Practice!

And that’s a good thing. In fact – it’s a GREAT thing!

Jim Hill – A.K.A.: Mr. Rogers

Jim revived his skit – done last during the end of his term as President – and the beginning of mine – to lots of laughs.

Here he is in The Performance Neighborhood.

Here he is as Mr. Rogers doing a skit as Einstein (wearing my name tag – was his joke) exploring the brain.

Here he is as Mr. Rogers again, with Marci Paino.

Of course – you had to be there – probably both times to get all the inside jokes. But many who had never seen the first iteration – had a lot of fun – as I am sure Jim Hill did as well.

Last Day Wind Down

On the last day I sat in on Klaus Wittkuhn’s session – and that was VERY good!

Here is Klaus with Joe Harless.

I also did a Cracker Barrel Session –  on Tips for Pilot-Testing.

But after two delayed flights on Tuesday – I am finally back home.

I am still exhausted.

I came home to this…

So the cycle begins.

Hope to see YOU next year in Reno.

# # #

2 comments on “ISPI 2012 – 50th Anniversary Review

  1. Thanks for taking those pictures. I had a great time at the conference. I’m sure there are still people who think learning styles is true, but the audience was in general very receptive, and a number of people seemed to be convinced, or at least nudged in the right direction.


    • Cedar, You are most welcome. Unfortunately – I think that LS is one nail that may need constant hammering. Thank you for coming to ISPI and sharing your research-based thoughts!!! Guy


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