7 New Videos – In the HPT Practitioner and Legacy Series

There are 7 new additions, from the 2012 Conference – now join my growing collection begun in 2008 – and there are now 62 videos in total available!

The following are YouTube links.

  • Eileen Banchoff – Practitioner – 5 minutes – here.
  • Dick Clark – Legacy – 45 minutes – here.
  • Jeanne Farrington – Practitioner – 8 minutes – here.
  • Ingrid Guerra-Lopez – Practitioner – 10 minutes – here.
  • Tony Moore – Legacy – 33 minutes – here.
  • Russ Powell – Practitioner – 7 minutes – here.
  • Darlene Van Tiem – Legacy – 18 minutes – here.

The HPT Practitioner Series

The HPT Practitioner Series is intended to share the diversity of HPT Practitioners, where they practice and what portions of HPT they practice. These include both long time members and newer members of the Society.

The HPT Legacy Series

The HPT Legacy Series do that and add one or more stories of people from the past in the early days of NSPI and ISPI to keep their memories alive. These are generally done with long time members of the Society willing to dig through the memory banks for such stories. Many of the subjects of this series have also done a Practitioner video.

Video Hosting and Posting

All are hosted on Blip.TV and many are also now on YouTube as well – and may be accessed there – and they are embedded and available for viewing via Guy Wallace’s web site here:


That web page provides an index of them all – with links to Blip.TV – and also links to pages on my web site where these are embedded for viewing.

Note: you may embed these or link to them as you prefer.


What began as a failed attempt to encourage others to also create these videos, through an ISPI sponsored contest in 2008 and 2009, continues by me both at the annual Conference and at other opportune times. I believe that back in 2008 and 2009 approximately 10-12 videos were produced by others – and were available on ISPI’s now defunct HPT Connections. I am not sure what happened to those or if they may be resurrected at some point.

My personal goal now is to produce 100 of these in this format. After that I guess it will be 150. I also see no reason why others so inclined might not also begin this type of effort. I hadn’t intended to own this effort – but seem left with it by default.

And so it goes.

Note: I will be producing and posting a video of the Harless session – with Joe, Paul Elliott, Al Folsom and Carl Binder soon.

And also I will post a very short video segment of those Past Presidents attending the ISPI PP Luncheon – a favorite event of mine at each conference since days before the end of my term back in 2004.

# # #

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