Social Learning Doesn’t Require Social Media

Caveat Emptor – Always Caveat Emptor Baby!

It seems that many are trying to confuse people in the marketplace – about Social Learning requiring Social Media.

Join me in a trip back to the past.

A memorable campfire with your social network.

OK, a campfire with your family and/or friends.

Recall learning anything?

Any gossip shared?

Any skills taught – how to build a fire? How not to?

Sometimes the tools and venfor pitches are just too shiny.

Shiny like these two tin cans.

I don’t buy this – but many do – that all Learning is Social Learning.

I’m thinking Lincoln reading by the fire – all by himself.

But some might say that the act of the author and publisher to create the book, or the sellers and distributors to get this book into the hands of young Abe, makes this a Social set of activities. Thus Social Learning.


I think what I learned from that exchange (from a couple of years ago) was that those who speak in absolutes – get very invested in what they say and how they say it – and then have to “bend” everything to fit the words of their past.

Taught me to avoid absolutes.


Caveat Emptor Baby.

Speaking of Confusion

I never really watched Monty Python as much as most of my friends. But this – below – is one memorable clip.

If you’ve got 7 minutes…

# # #

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