The PACT Video Shorts Series – Over 55 Free Videos

Bookends for Your Reading and Workshop Experiences

Back at the end of February I began posting a daily “PACT Video Short” – at Noon East Coast Time – for Brown Bag Sessions. The Series of 55+ videos of various lengths (5-15 minutes)  ran through March and wrapped up April 30th. The entire series may be found – here.

This series of videos was intended to augment my updated book series – The PACT 6-Pack – which are updates of older books, articles, columns and Blog Posts accomplished in 2011 – and to provide both an Advanced Organizer for budding Practitioners as well as Spaced Learning Reinforcement/Reminders for those climbing that Learning Curve and wanting to avoid slipping back down the Forgetting Curve.

The Series is organized as follows.

I have many resources that I use to develop PACT Practitioners, formally and informally – using The School of PACT as my branding for both…

There are these 6 books to take an organiztion through the journey…

From Training to Performance Improvment Consulting

I also have workshops – that I often customize for clients – see more about those – here.

I hope you have found this useful.

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