Fire, Aim, Ready – Flippin’ ADDIE

That – the sentiments in the comic/cartoon strip above – seems like the new normal.

If you Flip ADDIE – what do you get? EIDDA.

Endless Idiotic Data Dumps Aplenty.

Creation of Content

It’s not about Content, or Cool Content, or Curated Content.

It’s about Performance Competence – and enabling THAT!

Make Up Any Reasonable Set of Learning Objectives

It’s all about Marketing – isn’t it?

Or is there some other purpose for Instructional Objectives?

Perhaps you should do some analysis and then good design – to make sure that the Learning is authentic.

ADDIE – Sans Analysis and Design – And What Have You Got?

Using ADDIE itself won’t guarantee anything – just as using a good tool won’t guarantee a successful Instructional product.

It takes “wise” use of booth – and the right people to collaborate with.

My Version of ADDIE: MCD

And using this – won’t guarantee anything either.

# # #

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