7 Minute Video Interview: Russ Powell

HPT Practitioner Video

At the ISPI Conference last month I was able to schedule some time with Russ Powell for this 7 minute video interview.

Russ Powell

Russ Powell is a 20-year learning-industry veteran who helps mid-sized and large businesses create effective and affordable professional training programs that help bring their employees to the next level.

His programs help business leaders:

  1. •Reduce high rates of turnover
  2. •Decrease warranty costs associated with products
  3. •Maintain quality and profitability during rapid growth
  4. •Expand markets
  5. •Regain customers lost to competition
  6. •Increase employee productivity

Russ works with directors, managers, and business owners to analyze workforce performance problems and build systems that solve those problems.

He is particularly skilled at working with accomplished performers (e.g., experts in the field) to document how they do what they do. That documentation is often used in job-aids, training programs (web-based and/or instructor-led), manuals, or to address industry compliance needs.

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