It’s Never Enough – Only Learning About Learning

Simply Sequencing Existing and Future Learning Packages

Isn’t Learning Architecture. Dealing with one level of content chunks, Modules or Events, or Courses, etc., isn’t Architecture.

That’s Baby Architecture at best. If your approach to Instructional Architecture is only at this level – you need to think more about Chapters in Books, and text blocks within Chapters. It’s unfortunate that the “Learning Objects” concept didn’t get more innovative than “Modules” – and didn’t get “Modular” – when that approach has been demonstrated and documented (by me) for a long, long time.

Discovery Learning Just Doesn’t Work – Until One Has Sufficient Prior Knowledge

When one has sufficient prior knowledge – then get out of their way. Until then – provide Guided Instruction.

Otherwise the Learner flounders. Oh, they may get “there” – but not efficiently – and if they bring false learning/incorrect understandings – then it was effective either.

Don’t Stop with getting a degree – or deep understanding in one variable of Process Performance/ Human Performance. Otherwise you’ll be a Hammer Mechanic your entire career. – where all Problems/Opportunities look like a Nail – and oh, how convenient/coincidental is that!

But not likely. Learn enough about the other variables so that you can recognize when they are at play in the situation you are asked to address.

The Other Variables of Enterprise Process Performance

An 11 minute Video

Keep on Learning About Performance

Pretend It’s All Your Money/ Equity

Don’t use the most costly intervention to address the need.

Perhaps a simple laminated job aid is all that is needed.

Be a good steward of Shareholder Equity.

You’d want yourself and others to do the same – if it were all your money at stake!

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