More On – ADDIE Bashing

Or is that… well, never mind.

More On…

And Then…Even More…

Final Words On This – For Now

Change the words. As needed. Change them into language that reflects the language of your clients/customers.

Change the segmentation of the 5 Buckets into something else. As needed.

But if you are not doing something logical – in your development and/or acquisition of Content – for some specific, measurable ends goals – then you are probably going to miss your targets.

Are You Doing This For Training, Education or Communications?

The hoops to jump through are different – IMO – for each intent – each Context – and for each application.

Adjust/adapt accordingly.

# # #

One comment on “More On – ADDIE Bashing

  1. I’ve always taken ADDIE with a grain of salt and presumed formative evaluation occurse throughout. There are grey areas in everything so I’ve never felt married to following the steps perfectly and/or in that exact order. It provides a nice, easy to remember overview for people who are not in the field. Most people I’ve met outside the field appreciate the clever mnemonic ADDIE involves. My two cents.


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