New At PDL: Geary Rummler Publication Library

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Geary Rummler Publication Library

Welcome to the Geary A Rummler Publication Library.  On this page, you will find an archive of Geary’s publications.  A list of all of Geary’s publications – articles, chapters, and books – can be found below.  Our intention is to make as many of Geary’s published work available via this web page as possible. To read a specific article or find the Amazon page for a specific book, simply click on the title of the book or article.

This page is a work in progress.  Not all publications that are listed may be available.  Additional articles will be added as they are located.  If you have a copy of an article that is listed, but not downloadable, on this page, please send an email to  Thank you.

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Guy Wallace and Geary Rummler – Phoenix 1982

Guy Wallace and Rick Rummler 2011


Rick Rummler at ISPI Charlotte May 11 2012

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