ASTD Forum Webinar Participant Resources

For the Participants in Today’s ASTD Forum Webinar

Today’s ASTD Forum Session was on “performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – Using a Group Process”

Here are a listing on key Resources you may wish to follow up on.

These are the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Audio Podcasts

Check out these free Audio Podcasts – and the others – over 25 are available – here.


Books & Chapters

Free Book PDFs (note: these are also available as Paperback books For Sale)

  • lean-ISD (1999) — PDF – Paperback
  • T&D Systems View (2001) — PDF – Paperback
  • Management Areas of Performance (2007) — PDF – Paperback
  • Employee performance-based Qualification/Certification Systems (2008) — PDF – Paperback
For downloading these free book PDFs – please go here.
Books for Sale
  • The Quality Road Map (1994) — Hardbound
  • The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook (2011) — Paperback – Kindle
  • Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements (2011) — Paperback – Kindle
  • Curriculum Architecture Design (2011) — Paperback – Kindle
  • Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition (2011) — Paperback – Kindle
  • Management Areas of Performance Competence (2011) — Paperback – Kindle
  • From Training To Performance Improvement Consulting (2011) — Paperback – Kindle
For information and to order any/all of these – please go here.



Check out these free videos and the others – there are over 55 – here.

Innovative CAD via The PACT Processes – 2012

12 minute video


Curriculum Architecture Design – Architected or Artisan Process? – February 2012

26 minute video


Today’s Webinar – Slide Deck

PB CAD Session for ASTD Forum May 15 2012 – PDF version to share

But Wait! There’s More!

There are hundreds and hundreds of other related resources.

Check them all out in the Resources Tab.

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