85 Minute Video: Roger Chevalier Session from ISPI 2012

Models and Tools for Performance Analysis

The Behavior Engineering Model (BEM) developed by Gilbert and presented in
his landmark book, Human Competence: Engineering Worthy Performance
(Gilbert, 1978, p. 88), provides us with a way to systematically and systemically
identify barriers to individual and organizational performance. The BEM
distinguishes between a person’s repertory of behavior (what the individual brings
to the performance equation) and the environmental supports (the work
environment factors that encourage or impede performance).

This presentation was chosen on several occasions in the past as an “Encore Presentation” when ISPI used to select the top 5 presentations from each Conference for repeating at the next Conference.

In a two-day workshop Roger has done for other companies – the performance analysis part that this video covers – was a day and a half – and then the portion on evaluation made up the last afternoon.

This abbreviated version of his customized one or two-day performance analysis workshops are developed to meet the unique requirements of the clients he serves. Contact him for more details via email at: rdc@sonic.net

The Video

85 minutes

Here Are Links To Resources Mentioned In The Session

  • Visit Roger’s homepage – and then click on Articles/Resources to access the six articles I mentioned in the presentation: http://www.aboutiwp.com

Here is Roger’s article: Updating the Behavior Engineering Model – Updating BEM

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