What’s in Your Learning Architecture’s Data Logic?

What’s in Your Learning Architecture’s Data Logic?

Do you even have one – something beyond Courses sequenced on a Path – or in a Menu?

Data Logic – Got One?

It’s all about the data – which are the building blocks of an architectural or engineering approach to Instruction and Information to enable learning to perform – in the moment of need – before the moment of need – or both – and using the various blends of devices for deployment (push) or access (pull) appropriate to the Learner’s Learning and Performance Contexts.

Process Logic

The PACT Processes offer proven Process Paths. An Engineering or Architecting approach to performance-enabling Content – Instruction and Information – At the Moment of Need and/or Before the Moment of Need. With Spaced Learning for those infrequent Outputs and Tasks. By Design. For Critical Target Audiences.

It’s All About Performance – Not Learning

Even for a Learning Organization.

Efficient use of Enterprise Resources is a key measure of PACT, as is Speed to Performance Competence.

Learning Logic

Sometimes the Path is more Menu than Path.

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