Use Analogies To Connect To Prior Knowledge


I like to do this – use these – as part of an Advanced Organizer – or right after the traditional Advanced Organizer:

  • Connect to what the Learner already knows using an analogy or two

What is an Analogy?

It is identifying something very much like the new topic. Something that the Learner of course, understands.

Here from :

An analogy is a likeness or a comparison between two things that have some features that are the same and others which are different. (noun)

Synonyms of “Analogy” include:

relationship, similarity, resemblance, parallel; see  similarity.


  • A motorcycle is like a bicycle – except that it has a motor.
  • A professional basketball game is like football in that there are 4 quarters.
  • Hitting the water with a belly flop is like hitting the hard ground.
  • Asking “why” five times is like peeling an onion.
  • An aquarium is like a zoo – but for fish.
  • Learning Objectives are to Performance Objectives as basic math is to quantum equations or as parts are to the whole.

There are some additional examples of Analogies – here.

Diverse Target Audiences

The issue for some designers – or delivery people – is that the Target Audience may be quite diverse – and finding common ground for an analogy might be difficult.

What to do?

Have the Learners create their own Analogies!

But – just in case they don’t establish correct analogies – have them share their analogies – and then the instructor – or the webinar Facilitator – needs to provide Reinforcing or Corrective feedback – so that incorrect Learning that will then need to be unlearned does not occur.

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