Avoiding Invalid Practices in L&D Just Ain’t Easy

We All Wish To Utilize Evidence Based Practice

No one starts out intending to use invalid practices in their work. Not true professionals. Snake Oil salespeople, yes.

But sometimes professionals do.

Sometimes they ehar things in their Social Network that are just not true.

And without a filter – on EVERYTHING – one hears or reads – we can fall prey to Foo Foo.

It’s just too easy – in a world full of Foo Foo.

And when you search for the truth – if you look beyond your first search hit – you find that the TRUTH can be elusive.

Very elusive.

There are a lot of contradictory facts out there.

180 degrees off from each other.

Where can one turn?

Where can we go to find the truth. The evidence – not from some bogus research, that was self-serving for the Researchers.

But research by someone independent and open to finding something “other” than what they expected when they set out.

Where can we go?

Where do you go?

# # #

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