Rummler – Weekend Professional Development Matinee Video

This Video Is Of

The late Geary A. Rummler – recorded in the Spring of 1981 – and is still very relevant today. Years ago he gave me permission to digitize the VHS copy I had and to post it online.

This Video is 46 minutes in length.

I hope you begin to see the genius of Geary – and have this impact how you think about Instruction/ Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.


I attended this day-long session one week before my official start date at Motorola in April 1981. We were in the Gould building (back then) in Schamburg – the one with the Picasso – The Bather – out near the parking lot.

I was already familiar with his work – I worked with his brother-in-law previously and with two who had worked along his brother at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit.

And – then the next week, Neil Rackham (later of SPIN Selling fame) was with us for another day-long workshop. I’ll post that later.

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