Learning Architecture for Performance Impact

Every Architecture Has Its Building Blocks and Taxonomies

And so does The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management.

Key is the 5-Tier Inventory Structure – one of four dimensions in an ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture.

A Good Content Architecture – IMO – first meets the Performance Development needs of a Target Audience driven by the needs of the processes of the Enterprise and effectively improves their Performance Competence faster and cheaper – and secondly it efficiently increases Content ReUse “as is” or “after modification” and reduce life cycle costs.

A Path – or Menu – or Road Map – is only as good as the analysis data.

And the Process for analysis and design can hit the mark, or not.

What’s at Stake?

The Performance Development Path

Is a set of modular Content, in a suggested sequence, for individual planning – unless the Path is “lock-step” for all going through the “Learning Curriculum” as a group.

There needs to be both processes-logic and data-logic.

The Data Logic

Self-Development Help

There are many “Free” and a few “For a Fee” Resources – in the Resources Tab.

These 6 books are each available as Paperbacks and as Kindles.

Please go – here – for more information about these books.

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