CoPs: A Contrarian View – But Supported By Research

EBP – Evidence Based Practice

On CoP – Communities of Practice…

From an Earlier Post of Mine

From: ASTD 2005 Research-to-Practice Conference Proceedings “How to Turn Research into Successful Practice: A Technology of Performance Design for Organizations, Teams and Individuals” – Richard E. Clark – Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California –

It is true that people often construct their knowledge by drawing on their prior knowledge and by trial and error learning. However, that fact does not imply that the most effective and efficient way to train is to let people discover and construct what they need in “communities of practice.”

In fact, the evidence from the past 50 years of research on this issue is unequivocal – unguided or minimally guided discovery and constructivist learning programs simply do not work for more than a very small percentage of people.

That earlier post of mine, from 2007,  is – here.

A Video Interview of Dick Clark from ISPI 2012

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