SMEs Are Unreliable – Unless You Only Wanted Part of the Process In the First Place

Research shows that SMEs routinely miss 70% of what a novice needs to perform.

What’s In Your Strategy and Tactics?

Video is 13 minutes in length.

My Approach Since the late 1970s…

Using a Group Process

Here is an interview I did with Bill Fox that was published in February of this year in his e-book:

5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success

How to Use Performance Modeling to Improve Human Performance with Guy Wallace

From Back in the Day…1984…

Click on graphic for a PDF of the article.

More from 1984…

Click on graphic for a PDF of the article.

From 2006…Chapter 11…

Click on graphic for a PDF of the chapter.

From 2011…

Click on graphic for info on the book.

But Wait! There’s More!

I also offer workshops for teaching others these analysis methods, workshops that I have been delivering since 1983.

Plus workshops on the Design of T&D Paths, Instruction, and Project Management – see more about those here.

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