Not All Improvement Targets Are Equal

If You Have Unlimited Resources – Please Stop Reading

If you don’t you might have more improvement opportunities than you can shake a stick at – or fund.

Not all squeaky wheels should be greased – before other investment opportunities.

Timing is everything – but so is Targeting.

How do you sort the best investment opportunities when you cannot afford them all?

What role does, financial ROI play, and what role do other Returns play, such as support long term strategy – which of course is quite problematic supporting an assumed future state – but just because it’s problematic doesn’t mean you don’t invest some time and energy in getting ready to support the future anyway.

It’s important to not improve one thing and make others worse.

Sometimes to make the ROI assessment/guess/ WAG/ SWAG it is critically important to take a broad, all encompassing look at all secondary Investment Costs, for costs associated with improving the support systems upstream and down that are affected by improvements to the primary targets.

And it’s important to avoid sub-optimization.

One needs a framework for analysis that is scale-able, IMO.

One needs to be able to zoom out in a systems view frame of mind to see the systems framework and all the variables and how they are all connected.

That either comes easily to some, not so much for others. Some just think/see in systems – others just do not.

Take a Systems View – if you can.

If not, get others to do so. And listen carefully.

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