EPPIC Workshop and Certification Offerings for PACT – Our Version of pb ISD

My ISD Methodologies Are Branded – PACT

PACT is an acronym.

PACT is a set of ISD – Instructional Design methodologies and is a subs-et itself of my Performance-Improvement methodologies – EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement – so one can first master ISD and then move into PI – so as to be better stewards of shareholder equity.

One can start learning all about both PACT and EPPI (as appropriate) and then learn/master the PACT Performance Competencies for the targeted PACT Practitioner Roles.

There are 3 levels of design portrayed in this next graphic – all fed by the same analysis data and enabled/structured via the Project Planning & Management elements of PACT.

These method-sets and process-sets and tool/technique-sets, include the top-level of design, Curriculum Architecture Design – which I have been formally doing since my first in 1982 seventy-four times.

And I’ve taught others my methods, or adapted methods to better retro-fit with what they already had in place and other constraints and goals (use existing HR Systems “as is”).

All of this – IMO – requires an adopted and/or adapted set of logical processes that are also data logical. This next graphic is but one layer of data logic complexity that is just inherent in just about every Enterprise situation – when it comes to performance-based Training & Development – meaning/a.k.a.: Authentic Learning.

Learning that is applicable “immediately” or “when needed/whenever.”

And Performance that is enabled by, as appropriate…

  • Performance Support (electronic/mobile or otherwise)
  • Learning in the Moment of need  (electronic/mobile or otherwise)
  • Learning in Preparation for the Moment of Need  (electronic/mobile or otherwise)

Self and Helped Development


For those wishing to learn the PACT methods’ tools and techniques – adopted or adapted – I offer Informal structured Coaching, Formal structured Workshops and Informal Discussions, Demonstrations and Developmental Practice in something authentic.

Also – I conduct this work solo, or with my team of professional and seasoned sub-contractors – many of whom I have worked with for decades, a few as early as 1984.


And there are for a fee and for free books, free articles (20+), free presentations (20+) , free Audio podcasts (35+) and free video podcasts (80+) – check out the Resource Tab.

Check out my Client list – here – which also links to short overviews for over 200 consulting engagements I’ve been involved with since 1982.

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