Sharing Your Curations With Me? Good On Me or Bad On Me.

Something I personally learned from Dr. Dale Brethower when I served on his Board at ISPI in 1999 – and from his many publications – and from co-authoring a Workshop for an ISPI Conference with him and his wife Karolyn, and from his sessions at many conferences – and that sticks out from the many things I have learned from him, is:

Either You Are Adding Value Or You Are Subtracting Value

This from someone who shared a lot.

Dr. Dale as his students referred to him, shared and shares, well researched positions in the pursuit of human performance improvement via technology – the application of science – not using a computer, large or small, stationary or mobile.

So he set the bar high but not too high – to a do-able standard – for me and others influenced by him. See my tribute to him in the very first of my “First Friday of the Month Blog Post Series of My Favorite Gurus” – here.

That July offering BTW was followed in August with one to the late Geary Rummler, a college buddy of Dale’s at U of Michigan in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I always think, that when I learn something from either one of them –  I tend to credit them together – as in my mind it all roots back to their time together in Ann Arbor. Of course that’s not correct.

But -I digress.

My key point was that they both freely shared. So that taught me that tradition. As many others also taught me by their examples of sharing.

I hope to share things of value. But, I also appreciate that the eye of each beholder sets a unique set of requirements – and we cannot be all things to all people, nor hit their needs 100%.

I do hold the people and organizations that I “follow” to a pretty high standard as well.

For life is too short.

Share Unto Others…

I tend to un-follow people who while they may have tremendous value for others – they have less for me.

…As You Would Have Them Share Unto You

And take responsibility. For what you share yourself. And who you follow, to share with them – and from them.

In a Pull Mode to their Push Mode. To connect. And Assess. ROI. At the gut, or other, level.

Sharing – A Two Way Street

But as it’s me following you – it’s up to me to decide if what you share continues to have meaning to me, personally, professionally or both.

“It’s my time and I’ll do what I want”

to paraphrase an old tune by the British Invasion (music) band, the Animals, from back in the day, from back in the 1960s.

So – same as it ever was.

What Do I Want?

Not everything can be “actionable” – but most should be.

Not everything can be “validated” by the sharer – but most should be.

Not everything can be totally new; as: there is nothing new under the sun except the new tools and technology to accomplish the same-old-same-old. So keep the WOW!!! factor down unless truly deserved – such as from “y” stories of repeated success with “x” and how they did it.

Less hype please.

# # #

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