Learning At the Moment of Need – And/Or Before

A Test/Taste of Our Own Medicine/Messaging

I’ll do this by applying a little test to the conduct of Tasks for a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design effort.

Sorry it’s a long post – but – you can download a PDF of this post – here: Learning At the Moment of Need – And_Or Before _ EPPIC – Pursuing Performance

Sometimes Learning In the Moment of Need – Is Way Too Late

But not always.

So it behooves one to “figure it out” – as to whether or not something (Task Competence) is appropriately learned/supported “at the moment of need” – or whether that’s just too late. And if learning “before” the moment of need is more appropriate. Or whether it – the Performance Competence – needs to be addressed both before and after.

What’s a CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design

A CAD would proceed an ADDIE-like development and/or acquisition effort – or set of efforts – hopefully rapid efforts.

It – CAD – creates a Training & Development Path, or Learning Path, or Learning Continuum, etc. It also identifies which Content already exists and can be used “As Is” or “After Modification” – or “Not Appropriate.”

Whatever – whatever you call it – it guides Learning – Learning that uses an appropriate blend of media and modes, formal and informal. Appropriate to the Learner/Performer’s performance and learning context and contexts.

It – CAD – also identifies the current gaps for possible prioritization for development/acquisition – thus creating Formal Learning.

Whatever is not addressed (yet, immediately, or ever) is left to Informal Learning – which might need support in terms of tools and access to data/information sources.

I do CAD efforts using a 4-Phase model – and I have been doing them this way since 1982 – when I did my first. But that can be changed as needed – such as when a CAD effort is being conducted inside a Six Sigma DAMAIC effort.

The Time/Task Charts of a CAD

This is the format I use after the narrative section of a Project Plan. We estimate the touch time in the columns under the various customer and supplier Roles involved, and we schedule the tasks that need to be hard scheduled (not all). Again, that is not important – your approach and the tasks you do within a CAD effort may vary.

As always – it depends.

I use this chart format at the end of a Project Plan to clearly (hopefully) delineate who does what when.

The Test…

Before – At – Both

When should the Learning – for each task – occur?

When is “At” the moment of need – too late? When should learning/support be provided “Before?” And when should it be “Both?”


This following example in the next series of graphics – is build on the following assumptions of the very next graphic.

The big thing is the Advanced Organizer – one that adequately orients the Learner/Performer to the whole enchilada. Of a CAD effort, including the Phases, Outputs, Tasks, Players, Pitfalls, Traps, etc., etc. Before they learn Before or wait until At – the moment of need.


Because – As always, It depends.

So – the Test for you – regardless of the media/mode of the Training/Learning/Performance Support – is “when” should it occur?

If you’d like – print off the following Scorecard for your use – to tag each task as something that should be done Before the Moment of Need, At that Moment, or Both – due to the risks, difficulty, etc.

Or do it mentally.

Your Scorecard

Ladies & Gentlemen – Start Your Tagging – Phase 1

Place your X or check mark in one of three columns – mentally – or on the Scorecard provided.

My take on this is made available as a PDF at the end of this Post.

Again, your take may vary – depending on your view of the Tasks and the enabling Knowledge/Skills required – and the incoming K/Ss of the Learner/Performer.

So…let the test begin.

Starting with the Tasks of the 1st of the 4 Phases…

Phase 1 – Continued

Phase 2 

Phase 2 – Continued

Phase 2 – Continued

Phase 2 – Continued

Phase 3 

Phase 3 – Continued

Phase 3 – Continued

Phase 4

Phase 4 – Continued

Phase 4 – Continued

Resources on CAD – For Free and For a Fee

Go to the Resources Tab on this site (www.eppic.biz)

If you are interested in CAD – use that as a search term to search this site – http://www.eppic.biz – and/or check out the various types of Resources in the Resource Tab.

Here is how I scored this – for your comparison: Learning At The Moment Of Need – The Guy Wallace View – Your View Might Differ

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