An Engineering Approach to Development of Human Performance Competence

A Learning Path of Formal & Informal Development

And that development can include content that is Learning oriented that is Group-Paced, Self-Paced, and Coached (using certified coaches when appropriate, or not). The intent of the Path is to sometimes guide with a suggested sequence…

And at other times – as appropriate to the Situation – guide/insure the Learning via a lock-step approach…

In the graphic above the “traffic lights” represent test-out (pass/fail) points where some of the Learners might flunk out. The red “W” represents points where management could – as needed – take Learners out of learning and put them on the “production floor” to assist other Performers with an overflow/overload situation – to handle certain types of production work.

On the Thiagi Group Web Site

The Thiagi Group web site has a small collection of audio podcasts – here. Of the 15 currently posted – I am on 3 of them. Here is one – on CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – from the Thiagi site:

Episode 2: Guy Wallace (duration: 46:58) In our second episode, Matt interviews Guy Wallace, long-time performance consultant about work process analysis and process improvement. Guy walks Matt through a detailed explanation of his Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD) system. Published February 10, 2010.

Video Podcasts

I have many video podcasts on my web site – – some aimed at helping other master the methods and techniques I have refined sine the early 1980s – and some that provide overviews of those methods.

More Thiagi Audio Podcasts

Two additional audio podcasts – text lifted from the Thiagi web site:

Episode 8: The Guy Wallace/ Thiagi Discussions, Pt. 1 (duration: 41:23) This is part 1 of a two part series where Thiagi and our friend, Guy Wallace dive deeply into a discussion about their different instructional design approaches. Guy, as many of you know, has been an instructional designer and performance improvement consultant nearly as long as Thiagi. They have known each other for decades and over the years have had many formal and informal dialogues about what they do differently, and what that they have learned from each other. The idea for this series came from a session we did several years ago at ISPI in Dallas, where Thiagi and Guy did a session together debating style, substance, process, and results. Rather than a debate, however, the session turned into a masters’ class hosted by two of the greats. Our hope was to re-capture some of that here. Published July 7, 2010.

Episode 9: The Guy Wallace/ Thiagi Discussions, Pt. 2 (duration: 40:38) Here is the continued discussion between Thiagi and Guy Wallace. Enjoy. Published July 7, 2010.

CAD Resources in Book Form

Paperback books: $20 each – Kindle books: $15 each. For more info – please go here.

CAD efforts can take as little as several weeks – but typically take 3 months – due to the difficulty of scheduling the Gate Review Meetings – where the data generated is reviewed and sanctioned prior to being used in the next phase or stage (such as my ADDIE-like methods for MCD – Modular Curriculum Development) of effort.

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