Performance Support – All the Rage – Again

Performance Support 

…has been around for a long time.


From Wikipedia

In Electronic Performance Support Systems, published in 1991, Gloria Gery defined EPSS as:

an integrated electronic environment that is available to and easily accessible by each employee and is structured to provide immediate, individualized on-line access to the full range of information, software, guidance, advice and assistance, data, images, tools, and assessment and monitoring systems to permit job performance with minimal support and intervention by others.

BTW – Performance Support can be electronic Performance Support (EPSS) or on paper – via job aids – which of course also can be deployed/accessed electronically/ digitally.

Performance Support – Should/Could Address…

  • Access to Process Guidance
  • Access to static Information and dynamic Data Sources
  • Enabling Knowledge Development
  • Enabling Skill Development

Performance Support – Requires Analysis of…

  • The Targeted Process and Human Performance Requirements
  • The Enabling Knowledge/Skill Requirements
  • Typical Gaps and their Probable/Root Causes

But Not All PS Efforts Are Equal

What’s your approach to systematically deriving the requirements – and – sorting the high payback items from the low hanging fruit?

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