Training As Monologues – Sometimes It Works – Sometimes It’s Even Appropriate

And Sometimes That Is Even The Best Approach

This Post In Response To…

… this quote making the rounds last week on Social Media…

“Bad training is a monologue delivered in the presence of hostages.” – Sardek Love

Can Good Training Be a Monologue?

I think: YES.

But Not Always.


Sometimes it is the Worst Approach.

My Take

I’ve sat at the feet – in Conferences and at Chapter meetings – listening/absorbing – that infamous One-Way Learning – from folks like the late Geary A. Rummler, Joe Harless, Bob Mager,  – and combining that with my Prior Knowledge (correct and incorrect) – and Learned Many Things.

So that wasn’t bad training – although perhaps it was more Education than Training – based on what I learned at the feet of Bob Mager (Robert F. if you prefer – or are searching) – which was:

“You Already Know the Difference in Education versus Training – and I’ll prove it to you. Say that your daughter goes off to college and writes home (this was the 1980s) that she has enrolled in a Sex Education course. Or that she writes to tell you she’s enrolled in a Sex Training course.”

He ended it right there – having made his point – based on the attendees’ Prior Knowledge. And ability to extrapolate.

But what about Training then – using Bob’s definition (as extrapolated by each individual)?

Can that work? A monologue?

Again, it depends.

My Point About This

Although the quote rings a bit true – it also overstates the case. For I believe – having witnessed the opposite of what this suggests – that Good Training cannot be a monologue. It cannot be one-way without give-and-take. Without interaction.


Can a Training Monologue Work Well Enough?

Again, it depends.

It depends on the Learner’s Prior Knowledge.

If the video – one way to deliver a Training Monologue – builds upon the Target Audiences’ Prior Knowledge – then YES – it can work.

If they all needed it RIGHT NOW – and are all in the same room RIGHT Now – then tell ’em RIGHT NOW – with a monologue – and entertain their questions with appropriate answers – if there are any.

But perhaps they too “get it/ got it” RIGHT THEN/ RIGHT NOW – and – enough said – monologue-wise.

Move along now.

# # #


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