An Approach to Performance-Based Organization Design

 Designing the Process-Centered Organization – Presentation

This PDF – Process-Centered%20Org%20Design – is from my former business partner Ray Svenson and my former Motorola colleague Alan Ramias. It’s from their session at ISPI a few years ago. Ray gave me this to share with others.

This is both an application of the Rummler “White Space” thinking at The Performance Design Lab where Alan is a partner, and the methods and approaches Ray, I and others in our firm SWI – Svenson & Wallace, Inc. used (1982-1997).

The Classic Approach – And What’s Missing.

This follows the pattern we used at SWI for decades – in our books, articles, and consulting practices – organizing Processes (and Areas of Performance) into 3 tiers:

  • Leadership
  • Core
  • Support

Process Architecture 

Once (if) you buy into this structure – for organizing (architecting) the views of the Performance Requirements by Processes – perhaps these other views begin to make more sense….

Management & Leadership

Performance Testing for Performance Competence

Applied to a T&D/ L&D Organization

And another way to organize that view of Processes – still bundled into Leadership, Core and Support.

I like this common approach to organizing the views of Performance – so as to ferret out more easily and visibly the Share-able Processes, and thus the share-able tools and formal and informal training and performance support needed to better enable peak performance.

Of course, I’ve been using this since 1982. So it makes sense to me due to all of the successes we’ve had using it on hundreds of projects.

The Presentation Authors’ Web Sites

Ray can be contacted via his web site – here.

Alan can be contacted via the PDL web site sire – here.

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