Reasonably Being Unreasonable – Not Accepting the Status Quo – When Appropriate

Back In the Day – This Audio Podcast Would Have Been For Your Windshield Time

From the Unreasonable Gardener Web Site – a Discussion

Guy Wallace with Phil McCreight & Russell Driz Tripp

Warning: This Audio Podcast is just under 52 minutes looooooong.

The Unreasonable Gardener Ep. 3 – The Reasonable Gardener by Phil McCreight / Russell Driz Tripp

We talk to Guy W. Wallace from EPPIC ( about the time and place when being Reasonable, conforming to standards, and adapting to the world around you are the right things to do – even for an Unreasonable Gardener. Created on 2012-09-25 18:55:44

From the Unreasonable Gardener Home Page

An idea will not grow without action. At times, the idea – the “seed” – is planted in an environment that’s not best suited for its growth. New ideas, “radical” ideas, ideas that create the most significant changes, are the type of seed that most likely find the environment around them the harshest for their survival. Because they are new, or at least different, from most seeds placed into this environment before, they are not adapted to their natural surroundings.

This is OK.

Humans have developed a way of dealing with exactly this problem. It is simple, and at the same time, profound –

We change the environment.

Seeds can be watered. Soil can be tilled , fertilized and tended. In an ever-shifting and possibly treacherous climate, seeds have to be resilient, and the gardener has to be creative and trust his or her instincts contrary to common wisdom.

The truth is that If the seed being planted is different from what has come before,there is no “common wisdom”. Embarking on an untested path requires a special breed of gardener – an “unreasonable” gardener.

The Unreasonable Gardener Web Site

The Performance Model

Example of the format discussed in the audio podcast…

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