Article: Stop Wasting Money on Training – Stolovitch & Keeps

Stop Wasting Money on Training

Harold D. Stolovitch & Erica J. Keeps


          The cost of inadequate workplace performance is staggering.  Whether the issue is rework, poor customer service quality or reduced productivity, the result is the same – higher costs and lower profits.  When this occurs, training usually plays a major role in trying to “solve the problem.”  It seems to make sense.  In studies on the difference between exemplary and average performer productivity, for example, the numbers are dramatic, reaching as high as 200 percent.  To close the gap, training appears to be a logical intervention.  However, training is also a costly activity that does not always guarantee anticipated improvements.

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40 Minute Video Interview with Harold – 2011

But Wait – There’s More!

Learning & Performance Support Best Practices Study: Summary Report
Conducted by HSA Learning & Performance Solutions LLC, March 2000

What can training groups learn from the best training and human performance support practices employed by organizations universally recognized as outstanding? To discover this, HSA Learning & Performance Solutions LLC conducted a study on this question. It included approximately 400 companies within the United States (although many of these operate internationally).

Download this Summary Report – here.

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