Do We Really Need Those Stinkin’ Badges?


But first…

If your Content and/or the Learning Isn’t Compelling Enough – perhaps you do need to motivate/game others into participation, continuation and completion.

Then you do probably need to market, sell and/or motivate those reluctant participants.

But if your Content addressed and enabled authentic Performance Competence – then maybe not. Maybe that would be the motivator needed.

Maybe Not

Focus on Performance and Enable That



Perhaps It’s Not Even a Learning Issue

And if your Learners know that… well then maybe they are interested in playing some games.

What are the variables that are causing Gaps from the Ideal/Desired State – and the Current State?

Is it the Process(es) itself?

Is that what needs to be addressed?

Is it and/or the Environmental Enablers – that need to be addressed?

Is it and/or the Human Enablers – other than Knowledge/Skills – that need to be addressed?

What’s In Your Analysis Data?

Do your analysis before you design and develop something that maybe just won’t improve anything.

Other than your inventory of games.

Gaming Fatigue

Search on “gaming fatigue” – and you’ll see that THAT is an issue.

Maybe not for your target audiences.

But, maybe so.

Just something to ponder – and analyze.

# # #




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