Managing a T&D/ L&D Function as a Process

Or As A System Or A Sub-System

Your L&D/ T&D function runs on Processes, formal or informal.

I don’t believe that you should address/ fix/ improve each and every one.

Just those that are problematic right now – or soon. I have two books out on this – one from 2001 and more recently, an update to that, from 2011.

My Arbitrary 12 Sub-Systems to the System of L&D/ T&D

This view is 12 sub-systems, which could have been 14 sub-systems. Which is the newer view – done to make a point. The point is that you can cut up a paper elephant into 12 chunks or 13 or 14 chunks – and it still all adds up to an elephant.

Here is the 12 chunk view.

The Clockface and/or the 3 Tier View of Processes

If I take that Clock-Face view and turn it into the 3 Tier framework – used in projects I have been involved with since the early 1980s – for analysis of management and functions, etc. – it looks like this next graphic.

Now For the 13 Chunk View

Those chunks, as many of my readers may know – are also known as Areas of Performance – AoPs.

Or these AoPs are a.k.a: Major Duties, Key Responsibility Areas, Accomplishments – although each of those terms carries some nuanced meanings to some of their proponents.

It’s the Core – Silly

Those who following my posts, writings and presentations, know that it’s the Core AoPs that differentiate one function to another.

That is by design.

To help with increasing appropriate ReUse – either “AI – As Is” or “AM – After Modification.”

Now What?

My intent was to enable both analysis and design of systems/processes/ output, tasks and enabling methods, techniques, knowledge/skills, tools, etc., etc. Both Analysis and Design – by design.

Aligned design.

For information about these books – please see the Resource Tab on this site.

For info about my assessment/analysis and redesign consulting services – for your L&D/ T&D function – or those of your internal clients – please contact me!

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