In Memory of Joe H. Harless

Joe H. Harless passed away last Thursday (October 4th 2012).

Newspaper Notice

Joe was willing to entertain and support my idea to capture younger and older NSPI/ISPI members in my HPT Practitioner Series (shorter videos) and HPT Legacy Series (longer videos) – videos – and he did the very first in 2008 – and again in 2009 where he did both the shorter version and the longer version.

And he agreed to let me capture his return to ISPI 15 years after retiring – in a special session – that he shared with Paul Elliott, Al Folsom and Carl Binder. He and I rode to the Conference hotel from the airport – and he even paid!

Joe agreed to let me Market his attendance at ISPI 2012 – here is one example of what I used in Blog Posts beginning last Fall.

Videos of Joe Harless

From 2012

From 2009

Also from 2009

From 2008

From 1993 – His NSPI Banquet Speech

Sorry about the poor audio and camera-work.

His Fiction Writing

His Non-Fiction Writing

Search for other books – using Joe H. Harless – for his many other publications. He published 22 non-fiction books.

From that Newspaper Notice

Among Joe Harless’s words of wisdom:

• “It takes marketing to cause the phone to ring.”

• “A business plan is vital to success – and melts the icy heart of a banker, somewhat.”

• “Analysis and design is worth a pound of brainstorming.”

• “Find your passion, get good at it, develop a business plan and know you’ll get rich slowly.”

• “Entrepreneurship is a case for the tortoise and not the hare.”

What Are Your Stories About Joe Harless?

Please share in the Comments below.

I will post more of mine at a future date.

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