If You Are More Relaxed – You Remember More?

Not Really

From a recently published article:

When you’re having fun, you are much more relaxed and you remember more—almost by accident!

No citations for this claim. And a claim that I’ve heard refuted before. And yes, I’ve seen articles and posts that claim the opposite.

But those that make this claim never have resonated with me in a good way – as I had heard the opposite for years and years.

What Does the Research Say?

About Learning and Fun?

Does fun Learning make you more relaxed and that leads to remembering more?

Not actually.

A excerpt and link to a Post of mine from June 2010:

Fun – Fun – Fun – Until the Learning Research Data Takes it Away

I have been reading online, in too many places, for months and months (if not years now) that Learning/ Training (etc.) should be Fun, Fun, Fun.

And yesterday I posted a Tweet and a Blog Posting about this myth. It drew a couple of comments – one in agreement and one in total disagreement.

Link to that Post: https://eppic.biz/2010/06/23/fun-fun-fun-until-the-learning-research-data-takes-it-away/

The Day Before That Post – I Posted This:

Does Engaging Learning Always Need to Equate to Fun Learning?

That Post is here.

From Richard E. Clark

In that first Post listed above, I quoted from an Email from Dick Clark on this topic:

I conducted and published one of those research reviews many years ago (and have been updating it recently) and found a lot of evidence that in most cases, people enjoy training from which they learn the least. It is also the case that on reaction forms, people’s reactions to training tends to be based on how much they enjoyed the experience and not how much they learned.

So – Draw Your Own Conclusion – As This Seems To Be One of Those Areas – Of/In Dispute.

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