Golden Joe Has Left and Gone Away – Hey Hey Hey

Hey Hey Hey

To borrow a phrase/lyric

Lessons in Making Lemonade


Comic Strip “Lessons in Making Lemonade” – is available 5 days a week – here.

5 Videos of Joe Harless at YouTube

Joe and Friends at ISPI 2012 -2012:

Joe HPT Practitioner Video Podcast – 2009:

Joe HPT LegacyVideo Podcast -2009:

Joe HPT Practitioner Video Podcast -2008:–RBk&feature=plcp

Joe as “The Wizard of Newnan” at NSPI – Banquest Speech -1993:

The Classic

Find this book and steal it (temporarily) to make a copy.

Joe let me copy the front and back covers and the table of contents – but not the whole thing this past winter and spring. I was collecting archives for the ISPI 50th Anniversary Conference.

Joe at ISPI – In the Past Presidents Parade – ISPI 2012

Me and Ol’ Joey – Brother Joe – at a Dinner for Joe in Toronto

Thanks to Paul Elliott for inviting me to this Tribute Dinner !

Search this site for other Posts on/about “Joe Harless” – one of my key mentors since the early 1980s – and one of my friends since the mid 1990s.

Thanks Joe for buying me drinks at ISPI Conferences, airport bars and at your favorite BBQ Joint, Sprayberry’s, just down the street from your hacienda in Georgia.

I will remember you fondly for many reasons – mostly for your generosity to me and to others.

Hey Hey Hey

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