Yes There Are Two Paths You Can Go By

With apologies to Led Zeppelin

But In the Long Run – There’s Still Time To Change the Road You’re On

In fact, there are usually many paths. True in Life and true in Learning.

Many means to the ends. Depending on what your Ends are defined as – there may be fewer paths.

As Always, It Depends

Some Paths are more Effective and some are also more Efficient in achieving that Effectiveness.  Again, depending on the Ends sought, the end-game-goal. Who sets those goals also depends – on whether it is for some Enterprise – or for Oneself.

He calls the tune who pays the piper.

There are at least two paths for any situation:

Forward or Backward.

Sometimes the Learning Path you find yourself on is a Dead End. It doesn’t get you to where you wish to end up.

Sometimes you finish and you find yourself at the end of that Road.

Turn around and go back – in reflection.

Sit down take a deep breath – and relax and reflect.

Reflect on your journey and what you have accomplished Learning-wise – and hopefully for those Enterprise Learning Contexts – what Performance Competence you have now developed.

And what still lays ahead – continued Learning-wise – and Performance Competence development-wise.

Reflections in Learning

Very important.

Finishing those lyrics up a bit…

… and it makes me wonder …

# # #

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