Data Isn’t Always Information

Activities = Behaviors

And I was taught back in the day (1979) to avoid the Cult of Behaviors.

Go for Results/ Accomplishments. Worthy Performance.

As an employer (in my past – 1982-2002) for 20 years I was concerned about what my staff could do.

Not what learning activities they had engaged in, or wanted to engage in.

I see THAT as pretty meaningless.

Learning Accomplishments Would Be Better Than Learning Activities

As long as they were directly aligned to the Performance Requirements – for each person.

That would have Business Meaning.

What would be better than that would be Performance Competence

Performance Competence

That varies by each Performance Context.

Doing a Budget for the ABC firm may or may not be close enough to doing one for the XYZ Firm.

Even the nuances of Performance Competence vary by Performance Context – even within the same organization.

It’s a Business Decision as to how close – or dead on – do you really need to be.

That’s all about ROI – the Returns on that data for the Investments Costs to generate that data.

Information may want to be free. But data – good data/relevant data – probably isn’t.

Game Whatever Tool You Have – Have To Use – To Track Meaningful Data

Not Convenient data. Not Self-Reported data.

Good Stewards of Shareholder Equity would always do so.

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