8 Minute Video: Neil Rackham – The Buying Cycle Today

Neil Rackham – The Buying Cycle Today

I listened/watched this with an ear for implications for T&D/L&D…

There are plenty of implications for L&D.

Whether you formally sell to external customers – or you informally sell to an internal customer – you should watch this – and take notes.

Neil is the Sales Consultant’s Sales Consultant – IMO

His 1988 book is a classic – and is McGraw Hill’s biggest selling non-fiction book – ever.

BTW – I met Neil in 1981 when he was a consultant at Motorola. I got a chance to work directly with him, and several of his colleagues – back in Sheffield England – and later also in Virginia at their offices at their working Farm.

He was/is brilliant. Probably because everything he talks about is based on solid research.

I asked him to be a Keynote Speaker at “my” ISPI Conference (it is a President’s prerogative – to select the Keynote Speakers) in Tampa in 2004.

Lucky me/ISPI – he waived his Speaker’s Fee – a huge savings.

It was great!

Reminded me of his many sessions at Motorola – this one was from my first week on the job in April 1981 – and I believe the only one that was ever video recorded – but I do have audio recording of him speaking at Motorola about sales – from 1981 as well – a few years before his SPIN Selling book came out.

Training Design Criteria – 1981 Video – Neil Rackham

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3 comments on “8 Minute Video: Neil Rackham – The Buying Cycle Today

  1. It was like using a Time Machine, Neil Rackham in his bearded youth,
    wearing a prince of wales check suit, flip chart permanent writers!

    TIMELESS wisdom, as correct today as it was 31 years ago.
    Many of the problems still with us:
    “The better you teach the wrong thing, the worse it gets!”

    The difficulty of Behaviourally Based Performance Models,
    and the differences between behaviour and results


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