Walking Permits. Learning Permits. The Context Makes All the Difference.

This Is A Valid Permit

It is for walking.

I kid you not.

I had to have this slip of paper, labeled a “permit” to walk about. To walk anywhere.

It is from Boot Camp 1973 – And That Context Makes All the Difference.

And I was walking from point A to point B and then back to A.

But there was a reason. A good reason.

Whether I agreed or not with that reason.

Life is sometimes like that.

This Is An Invalid Permit

It is for learning.

I kid you.

It is fake.

It is adapted from the Boot Camp one – and that Context Makes All the Difference too.

Learning is something someone can engineer for you, and guide you until in, step by step, until you have enough prior knowledge to learn for the most part, self-directed. And that point on the learning curve, where the learner can be left to their own desires, can probably be predicted.

But the Learner themselves empowers themselves, and sometimes wills themselves, to learn.

Especially when it’s tough stuff, learning-wise, for whatever reason.

It is the less motivated learner that is the challenge.

And That Context Makes All the Difference

Most learners needs guided instruction.

Except for Topic and/or Task veterans with a lot of experience.

Otherwise Guided Learning is best.

It’s more effective and more efficient.

# # #

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