Video and PDF on Research About Games in Learning

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This is excellent. Plan on 61 minutes. Or bookmark it and come back to it!

Moderator: Jan Plass, New York University/Games for Learning Institute

• Relationship Between the Motivational Characteristics of Games and Learning Outcomes. Richard Wainess, UCLA/CRESST/CATS -DC

• Research on the Instructional Effectiveness of Computer Games. Sigmund Tobias, University at Albany, SUNY, J. Dexter Fletcher, Institute for Defense Analyses.

• Respondents: Marc Prensky, Games2Train and Kurt Squire, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Also, see the original video – same as here – on Vimeo – at:

Research on Using Computer Games for Instruction

PDF link: Tobias_Fletcher_games_20120215 – a Presentation Deck. One slide:

See the PDF for more. Take note:

Cognitive Task Analysis – Required If Transfer Expected

What else would be expected?


What’s the ROI on that?

Another Paper…Another Tobias…

What Can We Learn from Game Leadership?

Tobias M. Scholz   –  University of Siegen  –  January 10, 2010

Current Leadership faces severe problems, since the workforce is changing and it becomes more complicated to motivate employees. Therefore this paper looks into how video games are handling the topic of leadership.

Gaming is part of the modern media world and as research indicates it gives insights into leadership of future organizations. In this paper leadership theory will be compared with two cases of games: On the one hand World of Warcraft and on the other hand Counter-Strike. Both games give different insights of the intuitive game leadership training of these players.

After comparing these cases with the leadership theory, we see that they are mostly fitting to the leadership theory, thus their approach to these principles is different. Therefore the cases allow us to learn diverse tactics of leadership, as the cases focus on the fun and the motivation. The players enjoy the learning of new skills and align with other peoples and different abilities. In summary this paper shows, that gamer already learning several skills for leading companies and teams, however they also learn to participate in teams on their own.

Companies can learn that motivation and keep raising the bar are essential for organizations in order to attract the new gamer generation. We also learn about the importance of the fun in work, which becomes more essential for the gamers.


Number of Pages in PDF File: 24

Keywords: leadership, team performance, team building, motivation, video games

working papers series

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