A Salute In Memoriam – Geary A. Rummler, PhD

This is the 4th anniversary of the passing of the good doctor, who taught many of us…

Put a Good Performer in a Bad System and the System Wins Everytime

And change System to Process – and that’s still true.

And that it – Performance Improvement – is not magic, it’s science.

Hear Hear!

Geary A. Rummler (1937-2008)

I learned from Geary many things in projects when I was at Motorola in 1981-2. We worked on a half-dozen or so efforts – and they were always a great learning experience. The adaptable mental models he used for analysis data – that he drew out on paper; and the daily debriefings and postulations and planning for confirmation. He bought books for me that he thought I should read and we should discuss – books such as The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe. We worked together on several ISPI Committees and Task Forces. He referred clients to me and I found work for him with a couple of my clients.

He reviewed my book “lean-ISD”  face-to-face with me in his Tucson office and then by himself after I left. He wrote a great review for the book and my ISD methods  – and he also designed a new book cover – without my asking. He was always so generous.

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