ISPI’s Performance Archives – Public Resources

The Archives

Everyone’s got their own. I have mine in both paper, binder and cassettes of various types, and slowly, slowly, everything is going into digital forms.

ISPI has a vast treasure chest of HPT Resources – with much in front of the firewall of annual membership – that many just do not know about.

But be forewarned – that when you get there…

… it’s going to be a little bit like Fibber McGee’s Closet.


Or – like your own kitchen/ office/ bedroom Junk Drawers.

Not organized – except by the vehicle it was originally delivered in.

I wish that could be addressed. Someday soon by the Society.

Here is the index – not good for searching – but good as a list to check off after you’ve scanned (Treasure Hunted in) each Archive Drawer – so to speak.

The Performance Archives

PerformanceXpress Columns & Featured Articles

  • Awards of Excellence
  • CPT@Work
  • Measurement Counts!
  • Tidbits from Behavior Science
  • TrendSpotters
  • TrendSpotters Open Toolkit
  • Must-Read Feature Articles

Suggested Reading

  • The Performance Technologist’s Toolbox
  • Yes We Can!
  • White Papers from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Performance Improvement Journal (PI Journal)
  • Performance Improvement Quarterly (PIQ)
  • PerformanceXpress Columns & Featured Articles
99 Seconds Online


ProComm Resources


ISPI Audio OnDemand

Go to ISPI’s home page – here – and then on to the Performance Archives Tab – after scanning all of the Tabs and all of the Resources/Content on this site.

Then your Treasure Hunt begins.

Good luck! It will be worth your time – despite the lack of a better archiving/organizing system.

Future Task…

Clean up this closet.


# # #

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