Digitizing My Paper Archives for My Digital Archives

Lessons Learned from Digitizing the Archives

Procrastination is driven by the tediousness of the chore.

Of course, I’ve got over 30 years worth of project documents such as RFPs, Project Plans, Analysis Reports and Design Documents and plenty of binders of Course Materials – be they for Group-Paced, Self-Paced or Coached Deployment Platform Categories from my PACT Processes.

Plus I’ve got project examples for Job/Organization Redesign efforts,  Recruiting & Selection Systems efforts, Certification/Qualification Test Development efforts, and Appraisal Systems efforts. And more. Whew.

Turning Piles of Paper Into Piles of Digital Files

First, get the Stuff to be digitized and ready for conversion.

  • I have Personal Stuff.
  • I have Professional Stuff from Others.
  • I have Professional Stuff created by Me.
  • I have Professional Stuff created by My Staff.

But that’s not how I will organize them – digitally.

Next, check the scanner.

Then start – and don’t stop until you’ve planned to stop, either – Time-Wise, or Point-in-the-Pile-wise.

Then place those Digitized files, PDFs, Audios, Videos, and what-have-you – into your new Digital Archives.

How To Organize Your Digital Archives

If you can, use the same scheme you used for the paper-and-plastic types of materials you used earlier.

Here is a Post from 2007 related to how I organize my Business Files – paper and digital.

Perhaps that would be helpful for you – something to Adapt.

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