Tuesday Video: Carl Binder

This video of Carl Binder – captured in 2010 – is part of two series of Videos – from either the HPT Practitioner Series – or the HPT Legacy Series.

Over 60 Videos in the 2 HPT Collections

All 60+ videos from my series may be found here: https://eppic.biz/resources/videos-by-guy-w-wallace-plus-other-favorites/guys-video-locker-drawer-hpt-practitioner-and-legacy-series/

About HPT and the Intent of the 2 Series of Videos

HPT – Human Performance Technology – is the means to the ends of Human Performance Improvement – HPI.

  • All performance is a Human endeavor.
  • Performance is both the behaviors and the results – and is affected by many other variables that may need improvement, including the Process itself and the Environmental Assets.
  • Technology is the application of Science.

HPT requires EBP – Evidence Based Practices – or else it’s potentially Foo Foo or Snake Oil.

– Practitioner Series – short 2-10 minutes, following a script. Intended to show the diversity of HPT and HPT Practitioners.

– Legacy Series – longer 15-40 minutes, also scripted, with added stories of other NSPI/ ISPI’ers from the earlier days of the Society. Intended to capture the stories of the people from the Society’s past.

All videos were shot, edited and produced by Guy W. Wallace – unless otherwise noted.

For more about HPT – and ISPI – please go – here.

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