Blends Are Needed – Even in Deployment/ Delivery

I see some calling for an end to Delivery. Get out of the Delivery business – they say.

Not so fast.

Sometimes the Learner/Performer Needs It When They Need It

They need it in “the moment of need” and giving it to them before they need it means it will probably have dissipated between acquisition and need. And that’s a waste – and all too prevalent. My guess is that’s why so much of what is invested in Learning is a bad investment.

Just-in-Case Learning.

That’s when we need to Deploy content to a Place for the Learners/Performers to PULL from.

Whatever that PULL from Where is: LMS, LCMS, Knowledge Portal, SharePoint site, KMS, metal filing cabinet, virtual filing cabinet in The Cloud, etc., etc.

But Sometimes When the Learner/Performer Needs It – It Is Already Too Late

Not always of course. But sometimes.

Then it’s time to PUSH the Learning & Performance in a “timely manner” so that there is more time spent practicing for Performance Competence.

But when technique is important – in mental processes and/or physical processes – sometimes learning in the workflow is just way too late.


Sometimes those Consequences are totally unacceptable.

And at other times the Consequences are just more of a nuisance.

As always – it depends.

You’ve got to understand the CONTEXT to make the right decision.

Providing the Learning/ Performance Support “just in time” is sometimes just too late.

That’s just as wasteful as Learning too early – climbing The Learning Curve and then the Learner-as-a-Performer experiences The Forgetting Curve. Which is all too real – see Will Thalheimer’s post on this – here.


Blended Isn’t Just For Mode and Media

But that too. The Mode of Deployment, and the Media used – are just one category of Blends to consider – up in the Design Phase – if your Development Model even has a deliberate Design-like Phase to address what you’ve uncovered in your Analysis-like Phase.

But PUSH vs PULL and both PUSH & PULL are another set of Design decisions that need to be made. And if Refresher/ Reminder/ Spaced Learning content will be needed should the Performer not have adequate opportunity to practice (with appropriate feedback) enough to help them with RECALL Ability later.

Deliberately. Informed Decisions – not best guesses.

How do you approach this Decision Making – and is it a part of your Formal ADDIE-like Process?

Or is that a variable in your more Informal approach to the Analysis, Design and Development of Learning and/or Performance Support?

And – is that variance acceptable – or not?

Getting Out of the Delivery Business?

Perhaps that is possible – and wise – in your Context.

But not in all cases – would that be prudent.

Be a Good Steward of Shareholder Equity – and make the decision that makes sense for your Learners’/Performers’ Context and Needs.

It’s all about Performance – even for a Learning Organization.

# # #

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