Peter Senge – Weekend Professional Development Matinee Video

This Video Is Of…

A rare and yet an indepth interview with author Peter Senge of The Fifth Discipline while he was in Manila in April 2011.

Video is 43 minutes in length.


Dr. Peter Senge talks to host Raju Mandhyan about how he came about to be the world’s top ten management guru. he also, briefly covers the five disciplines of…Mental Models, Personal Mastery, Shared Visions, Team Learning and Systems Thinking.

Interview also considers the success story of Judge Maria Filomena Singh of the Regional Trial Court of quezon City, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines from the Systems Thinking Perspective.

ExPat InSights and host Raju Mandhyan are extremely grateful to OCCI, the Organizational Change Consultants International, Inc., mainly represented by Ms. Marisol Lopez, Ms. Bel Villavicencio and Dr. Nicanor Perlas for this rare opportunity to interview Dr. Senge of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The Weekend Matinee Series

This series of videos is for those in the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Performance Improvement (PI) spaces – for a little continuing education/development – especially for those without a local chapter or source for professional development.

I will post one video at 8 am – east coast/USA time – on Saturday.

Please suggest other videos for me to use in this series! Topics would come from ID, ISD, HPT, HPI, PI, TQM, Quality, OD, BPM, Process topic areas.

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