IDEA: Flipping Your Chapter Meetings and Programs

This of course is not a new idea.

How many times in your past did the teacher assign some readings (or watching a movie on TV, or a film) for setting up a class discussion?

Books Clubs Have Been Doing This For a Long Time

Ask your chapter/meeting speaker to provide some pre-readings or better yet – a short video – to prime the collective pump.

Just make sure that that burden isn’t “too” much. What’s “too” much?

Ask your members/attendees.


As anyone in the business already knows – many (most?) don’t do the pre-work.

They come un-prepared.

I’ve posted about this before – here.

You either then reward those who didn’t do the pre-work by covering all of that – while simultaneously punishing those who did – or plowing ahead “as if” everyone had prepared.

Tough choice – a Hobson’s Choice – as they say.

The goal is to get everyone together for some interactive discussions – not passive listening.

It might help – as an Advanced Organizer – to share the discussion points with everyone – BEFORE they do their pre-work.

What’s In Your Experience?

Share if you care.

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